by John on May 4, 2008

Well if there was anything that would persuade me to slim down a bit it would be the hell that is topping up Alacrity’s battery bank.

You need to be a weight lifter and a contortionist just to get to them, to fill them you also need eyes that swivel independently like a chameleon so you can see how much water you are adding.

Why didn’t I remember the Durite automatic battery filler I bought from The Toolbox Shop

Durite Battery Filler

It’s worth its weight in gold and a snip at £15.

All you do is fill with de-ionised top up water and press down into the battery filler and hey presto it fills to a preset level when you take it out the spring loaded top shuts off the water so no mess……

Well back to the batteries do I ?……..loose weight ………….well maybe?…………….A bit of redesign and woodwork ………..a definite yes!

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