What a Great Weekend

by John on March 16, 2009

Up at sparrow fart on Saturday with a quick stop for breakfast on the way. We were at Braunston for 9am. It was shaping up weather wise to be a great weekend.
I was a man on a mission. On our last visit we found that the water supply pipes from the Tank were weeping and as always the leak would be in an awkward place, beneath the cooker at the back of the kick space in the galley unit, it could  just be reached laying on ones back with one arm extended.
Well after removing the false floor in the cupboard and the wooden trim covering the pipes we cut away all the old pipework . That was the easy bit, Jo had to feed the pipes in and I had to try to get the pipe ends to align with the push fit connectors, not easy looking under the unit with one eye and trying to judge the distance  shouting at asking Jo kindly to push, pull and twist the B***** pipe.
After much cursing and one leak Job Done………Beer Time…….


Sunday dawned sunny and bright. I had a choice, start to fit the new Webasto heating boiler or have a couple of hours fishing, well it was no contest fishing it was. I was using wholemeal bread as bait (healthy ??) within twenty minutes I landed a five pound bream then a large roach not bad for me.


It was great to see NB Jubilee pass through the marina delivering coal.


and yes I did find time to fit the Webasto boiler I just now need time to plumb it in and remove the Alde !!! and remodel the wardrobe sounds like refit part two 😆 .

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