Gas Locker Repaint

by John on May 31, 2009

kurustWell you’ve heard of the joke about the gynecologist who decorated his hallway through the letterbox, that’s just how I felt when I decided to repaint Alacrity’s gas locker.
Alacrity’s Boat Safety Examination is coming up soon and I noticed that one of the things they were looking at were rusty floors in gas lockers because there may be pinholes in the plating allowing LPG to get into the bilges with possible dire results.

The floor in the locker was sound and just needed the loose rust sweeping out. I painted the cleaned floor with Kurust then two coats of International primer and then the whole locker with two coats of Danboline.


I was lucky that it was a hot day the Kurust dried converting the rust and leaving a great base for the primer, but it was a killer trying to reach in and paint. I used two paint brushes taped onto lengths of dowell to reach the corners and with my head and one arm in squeezed in the hatch managed to get a great finish despite a headache due to the fumes.

I even managed to get in a bit of fishing (I didn’t catch anything) while I waited for the paint to dry !!! 

Im going to fit some Dri-Dek Tiles to stop the gas cylinders resting directly on the locker bottom so hopefully keeping it rust free for the future.

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